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Amendment indirect finance system september 1st 2016

The Port of Rotterdam Authority (PoR) acts as an intermediate organization between shipping companies and port reception facilities; shipping companies pay (via the ship’s agent) a waste contribution and port reception facilities receive, proportionally a waste reimbursement. Save for a small administrative fee this payment flow is kept totally separate from the general cash flow of the PoR.. The PoR is currently facing a surplus of ca. € 800.000.


The initiated changes regarding the waste reimbursements of Annex I1 waste van 2015 (down) and of April 1st 2016 (amendment of the system both Annex I and Annex V2 regarding waste reimbursements) to reception facilities, resulted in the desired effect and the PoR has in August 2016 a positive result on the waste account.
The surplus is caused by less Annex I waste disposals, due to (i.e) low oilprice, (waste oil less in demand) and the limited outlet of waste oil resulting in higher storage costs. In case of Annex V the amendments of April 1st 2016 is the major factor.

The result leads to a positive amendment of both the waste contribution (less) and the waste reimbursement (more).

Per September 1st 2016 the PoR proposes the following changes:

Waste contribution (fee).

The waste contribution of Annex I of Cat G (>30.000kW) van of ships will be reduced with € 50 from € 550 to € 500.

Waste reimbursement.

Annex I
The waste reimbursemment of Annex I will be raised from €20 to € 25/m3. The current maximum van € 800 will be abated.

Annex V
The current maximum reimbursement of € 450 of Annex V will be abated.

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