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Deferred payment for shipping company Hanjin


SEOUL – The South Korean shipping company Hanjin Shipping has requested postponement of payment. Tuesday essence creditors on a refinancing proposal from the seventh largest company in the world. The container industry is still since the outbreak of the financial crisis in stormy weather.

Hanjin also sails to Rotterdam and accounts for about 5 percent of transport standaardzeecontainers to the port. Last year, Hanjin was by the Dutch shippers organization EVO yet voted best performing company of the year.

The direct impact on the supply of jobs in Rotterdam at any bankruptcy are limited according to a spokeswoman for the Port Authority. “Direct job losses is probably not, and we expect other shippers will take over the transport. They also all sail to Rotterdam.”

The possible demise of the shipping company gave rival Hyundai Merchant Marine Wednesday a fair profit of over 25 percent. Hyundai is also mentioned as a candidate to take over as vessels and personnel from Hanjin. Hyundai, Hanjin after the largest container carrier in South Korea, contended himself with problems, but did manage to find financial help.

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