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Multi-year Agreement between Aruba Ports Authority and the Port of Amsterdam


AMSTERDAM – Aruba Ports Authority (APA) and Port of Amsterdam International have signed a multi-year agreement yesterday. The purpose of this agreement is an intensive and long-term cooperation, with a focus on joint implementation of the commercial strategy and vision of the APA, transforming a large port site in Oranjestad into a multifunctional area and reinforce each other (international) aspirations.

Aruba Ports Authority N.V. (APA) is owned by the Aruban government and responsible for the management, development and operation of the ports of Aruba. APA has to do so in March 2015 a MoU with Port of Amsterdam International B.V. (PoAI) signed. PoAI is a subsidiary of Port of Amsterdam N.V. and specializes in international port and cruise terminal development and management.

The cooperation agreement follows an investigation carried out PoAI to the business strategy, growth opportunities, strategy and commercial strength of APA. As part of the agreement will PoAI a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) supply to strengthen the APA Board. The CCO will be partly supported by a multidisciplinary team in Amsterdam.

Gert-Jan Nieuwenhuizen, Managing Director of PoAI ‘The collaboration ensures that our port companies can reinforce each other on several fronts, it is in line with the international strategy of the Port of Amsterdam. We look forward to continuing the very pleasant cooperation with APA and the government of Aruba.’

Louis Posner, president Supervisory APA ‘revealed during the preliminary phase which PoAI and APA are aligned in their vision for Aruba and substance to the cooperation. This agreement is a good example of how Aruba and Netherlands reinforce each other.’

Port of Partnerships

The goal for transforming port area is the area to give a new function and open to residents of Aruba. City, recreation, tourism and business will be linked together in a sustainable way. The Port of Amsterdam experience with similar projects in her own harbor is now deployed through PoAI in Aruba. Aruba is also a very good hub for the Port Authority to maintain contacts and to present with major partners in Latin America.

The cooperation agreement also reflects the & lsquo; Port of Partnerships & rsquo; thought of the port authority and the pursuit of inspiring and intensive cooperation with complementary partners and with the vision of Aruba to function as a gateway between Dutch companies and Latin America.

Signing of the contract from left to right: Alfonso Boekhoudt, Minister Plenipotentiary of Aruba, Dertje Meijer, CEO Amsterdam Port Authority / Port of Amsterdam, Gert-Jan Nieuwenhuizen, Managing Director & nbsp; Port of Amsterdam International, Jossy Figaroa, & nbsp; CEO APA Louis Posner, president Supervisory APA Humphrey Tromp, CFO APA.

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