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Port of Antwerp already on its way to another record year


ANTWERP – The Antwerp port handled 108 317 922 tonnes of freight during the first six months of this year. That’s 3.6 percent more than during the same period last year.

Figures reiterate need for further port development.

The container traffic in TEU went there with a rise of 4.4 percent significantly improved and also 8.4 percent more treatment was noted in the handling of liquid bulk segment which reaffirms its position of strong grower in the port of Antwerp.

The first six months were also significantly more ultra large container ships to Antwerp. The counter stood after the first six months of 2015 even at 146, then call were registered during the same period this year 242 (+66 percent). Especially in the category of +13,000 TEU was the increase of +78 percent without mentioning more spectacular.

Containers and breakbulk

Container traffic increased during the first six months by 3.9 percent and came in at 59,762,977 tons. This corresponds to 5,047,468-treated TEU (+4.4 percent).

The ro-ro traffic was worse off 3.7 percent to 2,347,444 metric tons. The number of covered car & rsquo; s it was on the rise: +1.3 percent to 620 332 units. The handling of conventional general cargo fell to 4,752,222 tons (1.7 percent), despite an increased treatment of steel (+12.3 percent to 3,748,613 tonnes). The treatment of fruit remained stable, though the noted harbor more handling containerized fruit. The decline treatment of paper and pulp weighed again on the throughput figures.

Liquid bulk

The throughput of liquid bulk rose in the first six months of this year by +8.4 percent to 35,403,953 metric tons. For the treatment of oil derivatives was recorded for the first half of the year 26,190,485 tons, an increase of 13.9 percent.

The increased presence of liquid storage tanks in Antwerp strengthens the position of the petrochemical complex. Antwerp owes its attractiveness for international investors to its central location in Europe and the strong concentration of chemical companies, coupled with the availability of skilled workers.

Dry bulk

The treatment of dry bulk came in at 6,051,326 tonnes, a decrease of 14.7 percent means compared to the same period in 2015. The decline in demand for coal also continued in the past quarter further what the past six months translated into a negative result for this goods segment: 55.0 percent to 372 714 tonnes. The lower amount of ore (18.9 percent to 996 034 tonnes) pushed the half-year result of the dry bulk in min.

Further port development

The growth rates of Antwerp presents recent years repeatedly, underline the need for the further development of the port. It is not only the already planned infill on both river banks, but also to the planned expansion of the port on the left bank. Deurganckdok alone will not be enough to cope with the continued growth of container handling in the port of Antwerp from 2020 to 2021. The construction of a new tidal must more than ever high on the political agenda, Flanders wants to be able to feed its economic heart.


More growth means more transport, and thus open up the port for all freight traffic is a very important issue for the Antwerp Port Authority. The construction of the Oosterweelverbinding get it the highest priority. It is for the Port Authority is important that there soon will be a comprehensive mobility solution that includes taking into account the avoidance of congestion, both through the port-internal traffic that the port traffic from the residential areas, which reduces process times and safe route provides for the transport of all dangerous goods.

That is why the Port Authority asking for a full exchange complex between the port internal road network and road network. The Oosterweel Button is designed for this purpose and meets all these requirements (if the Oosterweel tunnel full ADR). After all, this button allows the port traffic flows as quickly as possible to the higher road. It also provides for ADR transport an additional opportunity to use the shortest path to the main road. Moreover, the effect on the roads within the port very positive and the Oosterweel Button significantly reduces the impact on neighborhoods as Luchtbal and Islet.

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