Sealogic offers ocean freight logistic services
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Sealogic offers ocean freight logistic services

Sealogic Warehousing Rotterdam and Schiedam are expanding

Sealogic Warehousing Rotterdam and Schiedam will be building a new warehouse. Therefore has more than 7000 m2 for the storage of goods. Both in a dry and in a refrigerated storage. The storage of goods under customs control is possible by the C-sum license.

A personal Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Managing stocks adequately requires active coordination and partnership between us and our client.

You can use our closed private online warehouse system that provides insight of the services and space that you purchase from us.

Sealogic Warehousing Rotterdam and Schiedam are offering the following services for storage:

  • Bonded custom warehouse of 7000 m2
  • Refrigerated storage
  • Industrial product storage
  • Storage  for shipping and offshore industry
  • Storage facilities in all main ports world wide
  • Internet stock control
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