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Subsidy for collapsible container

Sources: HCI,

The company Delft Holland Container Innovations (HCI) has been awarded a grant for the development of its collapsible container: 4FOLD. The amount of EUR 2.5 million comes from the SME instrument of European innovation “Horizon 2020”.

The transport of empty containers takes the transportation industry about 25 billion per year and result in a lot of unnecessary CO2 emissions. The 4FOLD containers can, after being discharged, be collapsed to a quarter of its normal size. “The costs must be reduced and the global demand for CO2 reduction continues to increase,” said Simon Bosschieter, one of the founders of HCI. “We can make all the difference. Using HCl can accelerate the market introduction of the grant from the SME instrument. To further convince the logistics sector of the added value of 4FOLD is a large-scale demonstration is necessary. This opens doors for our innovative products. “

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