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Wider Panama Canal changed commercial vessels


PANAMA CITY – The international shipping experienced a landslide when more than a hundred years ago, the first ship sailed through the Panama Canal. More than a century later, causing the opening of the widened and deepened channel, next Sunday, may again turn around.

Last year 960 million cubic meters of cargo transported through the canal, a record. The widening is 1.7 billion cubic meters annually freight from the Atlantic to the Pacific to sail, or vice versa. The huge ships in the old channel could carry up to 5,000 shipping containers, the new so-called Panamaxes can carry 13,000 containers. Thereby changing the way freight is moved across the world.

Shipping from Asia chose often in the past to resolve on the west coast of the United States, after the freight by rail or road was further transported. Now the Panama Canal gets much more capacity, they will choose more often to sail to ports in the south and east coast.

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